"The Real Deal" - The new SSR Motorsports SR250S Dirt Bike

"The Real Deal" - The new SSR Motorsports SR250S Dirt Bike

Posted by Staff - Orion Powersports & Offroad on 15th Feb 2015

SSR Motorsports SR250S

Well we finally had time to get our hands on one of the new SSR Motorsports SR250S and we are very impressed. If you are looking for a new 250F Cross country/motocross bike on a budget this is a great choice.

From the time we unboxed this machine we could tell there was something different about it compared to other import 250's that are on the market. And that something was that it was about as close to a major brand 250F as you can get for almost a third of the price. From the high quality aluminum frame to the CST Surge motocross tires this bike was a pleasant surprise.

The first thing we noticed when we unboxed it was the high quality welds. They were impressive to say the least.

SSR Motorsports SR250S dirt Bike

SSR 250cc Dirt Bike

The second thing we noticed was the motor and how it was not the usual import, Honda 230 style motor, like the one we use on our trail 31-250cc. This motor not only had a water pump for the water cooled radiators, it is also equipped with a 6 speed transmission. The cylinder and motor casings were also a lot higher quality than what we've seen in the past.

After a visual inspection and somewhat salivating over the SSR 250S we were ready for assembly. Being that it was mostly assembled it only took us about 30 min to an hour to assemble. The only thing we really had to assemble was the handle bars on the clamps, the hand controls on the bars, the front wheel, the plastics and hook up the battery under the seat. We also oiled the air filter as it does not come pre oiled.

After a quick oil change we were ready to fire up the SSR 250S and hear what she sounded like. As a side note, the oil was very easy to change. Just a simple drain plug located directly on the bottom of the motor and refill using the sight glass on the right side of the motor.

One of the best features of this model was the electric start. The SSR 250S also comes with a high quality, pre charged, lithium ion battery so once the bike starts the battery re-charges itself very quickly.

After a little gas in the tank, we turned the key on, pulled the choke lever that is located on top of the clutch perch and hit the start button. After a few turns the bike fired right up. It was idled a little high so we adjusted it down to a nice purr. We couldn't believe how much it sounded like a regular motocross 250F. The exhaust sounded great with a deep rumble just like you would expect from a regular 250F. A blip of the throttle and you can quickly tell the SSR 250S has plenty of power.

After a half dozen heat cycles we were ready to cruise around on it a little and took a few spins up and down the road. Easy on the throttle we could tell this thing has some great power. After taking it easy for about the first 1/2 to 3/4 tank of gas we began to get on it a little harder. We were pleasantly surprised at the power and the gearing of the SR250S. We had about a 1/2 mile of road and could barely get to 4th gear before we had to shut it down. This bike is very fast and very responsive. We took it to a small abandoned lot next to our shop and the SSR 250S will throw roost with the best of them.

Initially the suspension was a set a little stiff but with some minor adjustment it softens up pretty nicely.

Our final thoughts on this bike is that the SSR 250S is a great value for anybody that is looking for a nice trail bike to somebody that wants to turn some laps at the motocross track. We would have no problem running this with other major brand 250F bikes. Heck maybe one day we will see this bike in a professional motocross race, it certainly has the potential.

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