Getting started with your new bike

The following information provided below is to help you get started with your new bike. It is not a training manual and does not guarantee any bike malfunctions. Make sure you keep up with normal maintenance for your pit bike just like you would a Honda, Yamaha or any other brand. As always, Orion Powersports provides free technical support to all of our customers. Please call us if you have any questions.

Below are a few tips to get you started.

1. When you first get your bike make sure you go over every bolt on the bike to make sure that it is tight. We also recommend that you use locktite on all of the bolts. Make sure you check your bolts again after each of your first 3 rides minimum. 

2.  (The following section is for non Pro Prep) Make sure you change your oil, before starting your bike. We also recommend proper break in of the motor on your pit bike. You can see our break in section under the tech support section on our website for more detail.

3. When you first get your pit bike out of the crate or off the pallet (assembled bikes) it is important that you tighten the spokes (for non Pro Prep bikes). You will also need to re-check the spokes after every 2-3 rides. To tighten the spokes, from the valve stem, tighten every third spoke, with just a few turns each until you work your way all the way around the wheel. Repeat this process until all the spokes are completely tight.

4. After your initial ride your chain is going to stretch. It is important to keep your chain tightened to the appropriate tension to avoid chain malfunction while riding. You will also want to check your chain every time before you go ride.

5. On some of the bikes, the rear shock is adjustable by tightening and loosening your rear spring. You can do this by turning the two large main nuts on the top of the shock spring. There is also a set screw you can loosen to turn these two nuts.

6. Only fill your gas tank with premium gas (91+ octane)!!! All our pit bikes require premium, unleaded gas. We do not recommend using high octane, 100 +, race gas.

Disclaimer:  Orion Powersports is not liable for injuries that may occur while riding. The information provided above is to help users get started with their new pit bike. You should always receive proper training before riding any motor vehicle and take the proper safety precautions before and while riding.