Myths & Truths

Below are some myths that we hear about quite often either from customers or online forums that we have read. Check back because we will be adding more as we go.


  • Myth..........Orion has a negative rating with the Better Business Bureau

    Yes we have a negative rating and here is why. When the Better Business Bureau started its pay for play program several years ago, we made a conscious effort to distance ourselves from them. They called our company on several occasions and offered to change our rating to a perfect score for just $485. Yes, that's it. All we had to do was join their certification program and they would make sure our rating was an A+ forever. Since then we have purposely ignored, and will continue to ignore the BBB. This was such a scandal that ABC news did a full blown report on it. It was so bad that they gave a know terrorist group an A rating. You can read the full article here:


  • Myth..........My bike says "Orion" on it so it was made by Orion Pit Bike Sales.

    ........We get at a lot of calls and emails on this. Over the past 6-7 years there have been a lot of factories produce pit bikes with the name "Orion" on them. Just because it says our name on it does not mean it was made by us. There hundreds of factories overseas that produce pit bikes and mini dirt bikes at an astounding rate. They copy not only our names but names of other major brands as well. We have almost no jurisdiction nor the unlimited financial resources it would take to stop it. If you are unsure if your model was made by us, just contact us directly and we can help you solve the mystery. Chances are, we can most likely help you find any parts or provide any help you may need, even if it is not our bike.


  • Myth..........You can believe everything you read on a online forum.

    ........We don't want to insult your intelligence but we get this one quite a bit. The first thing you want to ask about a forum is, "do they allow paying sponsors?" and "Do they sell anything on their website (merchandise, parts, etc)?". In our research, we have found that most negative forum post about us come directly from our competitors, who just also happen to be sponsors of such forums. It is very easy to have several "log ins" and make negative comments on your own post with most of these forums. This technique is not only practiced by our competitors it is allowed by the forums themselves so they don't loose advertising dollars.

    Also as a side the past 6 months we have received several inquiries from two very prominent advertisers/pit bike dealers on two major forums to become dealers with us and sell our products. These are the same guys on the forums making false, unwarranted statements about us and now they want to sell our products.....go figure!!!!
    Another reason the forum admins put up with this is because the thread post (about Orion) get indexed in search engine results like Google and Yahoo when you search our company name. Instead of going to our website you will be directed to the forum website which gives them a better chance to sell you something thru their advertising.

    If you see anything negative about our products or our company we just ask you to look for supporting facts. Simply saying something is bad means nothing unless you have supporting facts. If you see something negative, ask for the facts, specific incidents, etc and contact us and we can set the record straight. Don't be surprised at the lack of factual evidence.
    Our philosophy with respect to online forums is that we will not pay for fictitious or false advertising. Anytime a forum can delete posts and certain topics they don't agree with or that a company doesn't pay advertising dollars for, you will never get a true perspective of our product and our company.


  • Myth..........You can't get parts for your bikes.

    Truth.........This is simply not true. We stock over 3000 OEM and performance pit bike parts for Orion, Apollo and SSR as well as many others. We will not sell a bike if we cannot get parts for it, its that simple. If you are not sure of what part you need or cannot find it online, please email or call us directly and we can help you find exactly what you need. Also if you are not sure what fits, contact us and we can help you find the right fit as well.


  • Myth..........Your warranty does not really cover anything.

    Truth.........Again this is simply not true. We have a "manufacturers defect" warranty on all of our bikes. That means we will cover any manufacturers defects during the time period of coverage. There are however items and situations that are not covered. Any time a part is broken due to the user or it is a wear and tear item,  it generally is not covered. We also do not cover items that are broken if you are racing your bike. This is the exact same warranty any major manufacturer (Honda, Yamaha, etc.) would offer except ours is a longer time period. We are also the only manufacturer that has a lifetime warranty on our perimeter frames. We make our entire warranty policy very clear and available under our FAQ and our Terms & Conditions for you to read anytime. If there is something that is unclear or you don't understand with our warranty, please contact us and we can help you.


  • Myth..........You do not provide customer service.

    Truth.........If you have ever called us, whether you are a customer or not, you know that we are one of the only companies in our industry that actually answers our phones. We also answer emails faster than anyone in the business. Our philosophy is real simple......if you need help, just ask! 
    We also pride ourselves on knowing what fits and what doesn't work. We have years of hands on knowledge and experience. If you are not sure of what you need please contact us and we will help.