Non Assembled vs. Assembled vs. Pro Prep vs. The Works

Posted by Orion Powersports on 10th Oct 2015

Shipping Powersports products can seem like a difficult task and almost appear impossible. Believe it or not it’s really not as difficult as it seems. Here at Orion Powersports, we have perfected this task from shear trial and error over the last 15 years so we know what works and what doesn’t work. Just about every unit (pit bike, dirt bike, ATV, UTV, etc) will be shipped thru a freight transportation company. This is not like your normal UPS brown truck you see in your neighborhood. This is a bigger truck that has room for larger units. They are also experienced in maneuvering to your house, helping you unload the package and getting it to you safely and undamaged.

Because we ship nationwide these larger transportation trucks make it possible to buy these types of products online. Even though we have a storefront in Texas, thanks to the internet and freight transporters you don’t necessarily have to be in this location to purchase anymore. You can enjoy the same benefits of going to a local Powersports dealership and never leave your house.

All Orion & Apollo brand dirt bikes, pit bikes and ATV's come fully assembled and tested.

Units that offer assembly will come fully assembled unless you choose the unassembled option. We also have the Pro Prep option as well. Please read below for each option description.

Non Assembled (Deducts $50 from published price):

  • Most bikes are 80%-85% assembled, Mini Jeeps/Go Karts & 250cc Bikes/ATVs 65%-70% assembled
  • Bike will come inside a metal frame crate.
  • Will require full assembly and break in and setup when you receive it.
  • Non Assembled bikes DO NOT come with the free starter kit

Fully Assembled Bikes (Free with Purchase):

  • Unit will be fully assembled and a light check over
  • Mechanically turn the engine to make sure there is compression
  • Mechanically roll the wheels to make sure the they turn properly
  • We DO NOT start these units and you will need to do the full break in and setup of your bike.
  • Fully assembled units come with the starter kit (2 qts of oil/NGK spark plug)

Pro Prepped Bikes:

Unit will include full assembly plus:

  • Unit will be started and full break in completed, including both oil changes & spark plug changed after break in (you will not receive a starter kit on this service as it is used during break in)
  • brakes adjusted
  • cables adjusted
  • chain adjusted
  • tire pressure adjusted
  • spokes tightened
  • Mikuni carb and upgraded/CDI Box installed if you choose those options on applicable bikes*
  • We still recommend that you keep the bike below 4K RPMs for the first half tank of gas after you receive it

The Works Prep Package:

This package is separate from Pro Prep. This is what is included:

  • Headset bearings greased
  • Rear shock linkage bearings greased
  • Swing arm bearings greased
  • Grease F/R axles & wheel bearings
  • Loctite all necessary bolts/nuts
  • This service requires you choose the assembly option


  • Fork/Shock revalve
  • Race Tech performance shock fluid
  • custom preload spacers in forks
  • modified pistons to improve oil flow
  • custom valving based on rider weight & type of riding (We will email you for rider specs)

(As a general rule of thumb, on all services above, we still recommend that you check all nuts, bolts, cables, tires, tubes, etc before you ride. Also readjust or maintenance your bike after the first ride or shortly after. Pro Prep/Works prep does not supersede any regular adjustments or future maintenance that would need to be done)

NOTE: Every company and every shipment we send out has also been insured. While it is rare, if any damage occurs, your item will be fully covered as long as you inspect the bike and notate any damage.